Long & straight dress


Long & straight dress

  • The season clean lines

    Level: easy
    Plus size


  • Recommended fabric:

    brushed knit , Rib knit , French terry
    Required amount of fabric:
    width 150cm (59”), length 230cm (90 1/2”)

  • Notes:

    * It is advised to rinse and dry the fabric
       prior to cutting.
    * It is advised to use about 20cm (8”) more fabric than
       the length of the pattern.
    * You will find all the printing and cutting instructions
       in the files that will be sent to you,
       after your purchase.
    * Each ZIP file contains : The 3 sizes file for printing
       with a home printer, The 3 sizes file for printing at
       a copy shop, general instructions page, and the
       model instructions page, including the cutting and
    ​​​​​​​   sewing steps.

  • ADW21-320-1