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All that is expressed in these Terms of Use particularly and in this website (“SEW GOOD”) in general refers equally to all genders, and the use of a specific gender is for convenience only. The following terms of use apply to use of the Site by its users, whether a private person, a company, 

a corporation, or any other entity (hereunder the “User”).

By using the Site and its different sections the User shall be deemed to have agreed with the terms of use, as written and in their entirety, and to have acquiesced by conduct to the terms of use. 

If the User objects to some or all terms of use, she is prohibited of making any use of the website.

The content on this website is intended to provide knowledge and creative instructions, and by no means is or shall be deemed professional counsel.

SEW GOOD website (hereunder the “Site”) is an internet website, which regulates the operation of an online store, providing its clients with information and selling various products (hereunder “Products”). 

Any User who purchases and/or intends to purchase Products and/or receive information through the Site and/or any User browsing the Site declares and confirms that she has read these terms and conditions, understood their contents and agreed with their provisions.


Site Terms of Use - Purchasing Products and Receiving Information
Use of the Site shall be for the sole purpose of receiving information and/or ordering Products. 

The Site should not be used for any other purpose.

The purchaser’s order shall be accepted providing the following conditions have been met: 

(1) The transaction was confirmed by the Purchaser’s credit card company and/or payment was settled by other means to SEW GOOD’s satisfaction. 

(2) The Purchaser’s holds a personal email account. 


Prices, Products and Ordering
Before ordering on the Site, the User shall be requested to provide her full name, email address, telephone number and home address. 

During the order process, the User shall be asked to give the details of the credit card with which she’ll pay for the transaction and also the credit card owner’s ID number. 

The details of the credit card and the ID number are NOT kept on the Site’s database.

The Site displays images of the various Products of the collections as well as technical drawings of each item. 

The images shown are for illustration purposes only. Each item has its pattern price in USD next to it. 

The User can add it to her shopping basket, after checking the model and the pattern’s price. 

Items can be added to or deleted from the basket at any time. The order must be confirmed at checkout. 

If the Purchaser confirms the purchase by email, the order will go through. 

Otherwise, the order will be cancelled and the credit card details will be deleted. 

Delivery will be made instantly online once the order is confirmed. 

For special orders the company will schedule a delivery date.


Privacy Policy and Security

In the process of ordering Products through the Site, the Purchaser will be required to enter her personal details into the system, as well as the order details, credit card details etc. (hereunder “Details”). The Site owner/s and/or any of its operators and/or any of its directors and/or any of their agents are NOT responsible for the Purchaser’s typing errors. Moreover, the above mentioned will not be liable in any way, directly or indirectly, when purchasing details are not accepted by the system and/or any other problem, technical or not, prevents completing actions performed on the Site.

Submitting false personal information is a criminal offence. Legal action will be taken against those who submit false personal information, including tort claims due to damages which may be caused to the Site and/or its owner/s and/or any of its operators and/or any of its directors and/or any of their agents. In cases where the wrong Details were submitted (including the Purchaser’s personal details), the Company and/or any of its agents reserve the right to cancel the purchase.

The details of an action performed on the Site, including details of the offer and details regarding the Purchaser, but NOT the credit card details, will be transferred through a standard e-trading encrypted security protocol (SSL), to the server hosting the Site. 

These details will NOT be passed on by the Company and/or the Site operator/s to third parties, except as required in order to complete the purchaser’s transaction. 

When payments are made on the internet, the Purchaser gives her credit card details directly to the clearing house, without the details passing through the Company at any stage of the transaction. 

The Company reserves the right to use details submitted by the Purchaser (excluding credit card details) for statistical analysis. In those instances, the details will NOT be attributed to the User and/or the Purchaser, and will NOT help identify her in any way.

The Store shall be authorised to send the User/s and/or the Purchaser/s emails and contact them in writing or by phone regarding Company sales, Site updates, advertisements from selected commercial entities and the like, unless given explicit written notification from the User/s and/or the Purchaser/s that they are NOT interested in such communication.


Paying for Products

Payments will be made with a credit card, and charged in USD. 

Prices do NOT include VAT. 

The charged total will appear in the shopping basket after confirming the order, and will include all ordered items.

Confirming and completing the order are conditioned on receiving a transaction confirmation from the credit company through the clearing house. 

In case the transaction is not confirmed, the Company shall inform the User, who’s responsible for contacting her credit company or bank and seeing to her line of credit. 

In the event that the User has not seen to her line of credit, the Company is authorised to cancel the transaction.


Cancelling Orders, Returning Items and Refund Policy

After having been completed on the Site, an order CANNOT be cancelled, as delivery is instantaneous and irretrievable.

In the event that an order was placed for a personal item, where the Purchaser asked for special alterations, for her sake only, or she ordered a Product outside the Site’s catalogue, payment will NOT be refunded.


Intellectual Property

SEW GOOD site contains various materials. 

A User and/or a Purchaser and/or any third party using the Site may NOT change, publish, broadcast, transfer or take part in transferring or selling and using the Site or parts of it to create or make derivative work or use the Site and/or its content, in its entirety or any part thereof, for any other purpose than the purpose for which the Site was made. 

Personal use only, which is not commercial, as any other legal use of the website, does NOT deem the User as having any type of ownership over said information specifically or over the Site and its contents in general.

The User is hereby committing NOT to upload to the Site any information whatsoever, and/or material of pornographic nature and/or any content which may entail legal liability etc. In the event of the User uploading content and/or information as stated above, she undertakes to indemnify and compensate the company and/or its agent/s and/or the Site operator/s for any damage and/or expense (including any legal fees and expenses), brought upon them by the User’s improper conduct, as stated above.

The Site contains links to other websites on the internet. The Company provides these links for convenience purposes only, and is not liable for the contents of said websites or other websites linked to them, to their validity or legality. 

A Purchaser using those links does so at her own peril.

The Company is hereby authorised to shut down the Site, cancel its services and/or reduce its activities. 

Moreover, the Company is hereby authorised to change from time to time these terms and conditions.

Any dispute rising between a User of the Site and the Company, pertaining purchasing or any other activity on the website, shall be regulated exclusively by Israeli law, and the authorized Courts in the Tel Aviv District of Israel shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate the dispute.


Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances shall the Company be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from use and/or improper use of the Site and/or the Products posted on it.

The images on the Site are for illustration purposes only.

In any event the site will NOT be liable, under any legal cause whatsoever, concerning the Products mentioned in this section, for a sum greater than the value of the payment actually made for purchasing the Product/Service that was order by the Purchaser.

The Store and/or Site owner/s and/or its founder/s and/or any of its operators and/or any of its directors and/or any of their agents are not liable for damages incurred by a User and/or third parties as a result of use of the Website and/or the inability to use it, including resulting from the programs included on the Website or whose operation stems from the use thereof and/or websites for which links appear on the Website (such as viruses) and/or any other damage incurred with respect to and/or in connection with the Website and/or the use thereof, even if there is negligence on the part of the Company or if it has been made aware of the possibility of damages of this type.

Moreover, the Store is NOT and will NOT be liable for any illegal activity performed on the Site by any Purchaser or third party which is not under the control of the Company. The Company shall be authorised to cut or deny Users access to and/or communication with the Site and/or any part of it, at any time.


Indemnification and Compensation Due to Improper Use of the Site

Anyone making improper use of the Site hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold the Company and/or the Store and/or the Site owner/s and/or its founder/s and/or its operator/s and/or its director/s and/or any of their agents harmless against any and all claims, damages, or costs or expenses (including legal fees and expenses) that arise directly or indirectly from: (a) breach of these Terms by the User or anyone using her computer or password; (b) any claim, loss or damage experienced from her use or attempted use of the Site and/or Services; (c) her violation of any law or regulation related to use of the Site and/or Services; (d) her infringement of any right of any third party related to use of the Site and/or Services; and (e) any other matter for which she is responsible hereunder or under applicable law.


Customer Service

Our customer service at SEWGOOD.DIY@GMAIL.COM , is there to help handling orders, answering questions that may arise regarding different items, browsing the Site and for receiving complaints and complements.

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