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תפירה במכונת תפירה

Fashion is our love and passion, and for each of us, sewing is a way to express 

our unique personality. 

When we design a certain garment, we are actually showing  who we are.


We are experts at recognising fashion trends and for preparing the most complementary patterns for you. 


On our website, we offer meticulously designed and tested patterns, and our designs correspond with everything that is hip and trendy.

They are suitable for any level of sewing background, from basic to advanced.


We live in an age where technology has taken over many aspects of modern life, and it is our wish to bring back an aspect of hand made qualities that connects us to the creative process and allows us personal expression.


We take pleasure in sharing with you the creation of something real, 

original and unique, that fits us, whatever our size is, and to feel the excitement

in creating it , as much as enjoying the final result.


Equally important, making our own clothes has the added value of conserving natural resources, and aligns with our global ecological views. 

The fashion industry is working vigorously around the world to change its less than flattering image  of being the second largest polluting industry on the face of the earth. When we sew our own clothes, we contribute our small part  to the efforts of keeping our planet  cleaner, more sustainable and, almost needless to say, 

more beautiful.


We hope our rapidly updating website will inspire you to follow and create with us... 

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